Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Report: Czechs, others sterilize Gypsies

Report: Czechs, others sterilize Gypsies A new draft UN report and rights activists say a Soviet-era campaign to sterilize Romany women continues. By Jeffrey White | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

OSTRAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC – It is only after a male visitor leaves the room that Helena Gorolova, standing next to her husband, lowers her voice and says, "as a woman I feel worthless." Ms. Gorolova cannot have any more children. Sixteen years ago, she says, doctors at a hospital here sterilized her while she gave birth to her second son by caesarean section. In the throes of labor they had her sign a form authorizing the sterilization, but did not explain what it was. "They said, 'You have to sign this or you will die,' " says Gorolova. "At that time I would have signed my own death sentence, I was in such pain. I had no idea what the word [sterilization] meant. I signed something, but I didn't know what it was." Continued at html?s=hns

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